Parameters of the project and more...

I realized that I had not set out the parameters of this project. Basically it has 4 parameters.

  1. To use a skill set that everyone has at their disposal. Something anyone can do
  2. To create something that is of use or benefit to at least one group or community of people
  3. To make sure I place enough detail that it can be duplicated (if successful)
  4. Have little to no cash infusion to implement all tasks (ie-don’t buy a bunch of stuff!)

Seems simple enough, but pretty daunting in implementation (smile). This past week has been quite the education. I started working with the podcast to get it up and running and quickly found out that the microphone was key. I dug out a very old Cyber Acoustics microphone that attaches directly to my HP laptop that I had purchased in 2015. Turns out, it is not bad….it even picked up the terrible asthmatic wheezing of my old laptop! Therein, the problem lies. It picks up the asthmatic wheezing of my old laptop as background noise. I will go briefly into the items I downloaded for use in my podcast and then turn to the next topic as I try to figure out how to record my podcast without the computer wheezing 

A really nice and completely free, open source audio program is Audacity.  You also need to download Lame in order to save your audio. Pretty easy (if you have a nice healthy computer and microphone). Here is a link to one of the best tutorials on using the software and getting started that I have found. It is on, a great blog site. I have found wonderful advice on “how to” on this site. Be sure to check out the links. Its search feature leaves something to be desired (I could not find the article link just by searching on the site) but here it is, enjoy:

Playing with that should keep you busy for at least a half a day! See you on the next post!