Paraplegic Zero Gravity Workstaion WIP
Thank you so much for all the support you've given me. I now have a dental treatment chair, which takes the weight off my injured spine and enables me to work for 4 -5 hours per day teaching Automotive modelling.  The project has been a lot cheaper than a proprietory chair and works pretty well. What I need now, is to modify the chair to suit my position. At the moment I get a bruised coxxyx, so with a reshaped base I hope to overcome this problem. Please coninue giving and if you are new to my post please donnate $1 to $5 per month to help me finish this project and have a workstaion that allows me to give back my knowledge to the yound generation of Designers and Modellers.

Electric Vehicle Technology Study Group:

 I am launching a Private Automotive EV technology study group. If you want to learn about EV (Electric vehicle Tech.) , Which is already in great demand, please let me know. The leaders are engineers and designers from UK and China. 2 of them are currently designing EV's.  Research Personnel: 

  • Team Leader Name (withheld for contractural reasons)   from World leading OEM EV team (EV engineer) . Unrelated Watch the Byton  EV Premiere: 
  • ZeeZeeh, Designer working on EV scooter for EU 
  • Raymond Poku Engineering and Alias undergrad. Co editor of my Instagram account @DesignModelPro
  • Alex Popov Alias modeller Land Rover
  • NB: I also have my own independent connections with an EV specialist and an EV Controller Programmer.
  • Anyone who pledges $5 per month will have access to the papers published by the team and thus be learning cutting edge EV tech.