Pardon Me.... (August 11, 2016)
The second of the Hamilton Collection, based on Alexander Hamilton's costume in  the song "Aaron Burr, Sir."

I chose a more simple design, since Hamilton has just gotten off the boat in New York from the West Indies. The short skirt and jacket display the tropical climate where "she" comes from, and "her" lack of wealth. Shorter skirts were typical of younger girls, who, in the 1700's, would often start wearing long skirts at the age of thirteen or fourteen.

 But, at the age of nineteen, Alex was extremely poor, and likely would not have been able to afford new clothes very often, since it took him writing an essay, published at the age of eighteen, to be able to afford passage to New York.

Colored with: Windsor & Newton Pigment Marker in Parchment and Burnt Umber Light

Lined with: Pigma Micron in Black 005, Sharpie Pen in Black

On: Bee Paper Company Professional Series Quick Rough Sketchbook