A Paris Street Art Project Idea, Advice needed!
So, I've had this idea for a Street Art project involving my audience and anyone out in the world to be involved in. My idea was to use all the old corks from bottles I've gotten over my years here in France. Then I hand carve them into Kokeshi dolls like the one posted. I'd then attach a note. The note I'm still toiling over, either, Your biggest fear, or the person you miss the most in your life. I'd seal the note and then place the doll somewhere in Paris of your choosing, then I'd take a picture and send that to you/put online probably on a special tumblr just for those images. So you'd know out in Paris somewhere anyone could find your fear or the name of the person you miss the most. Does this sound like a project you'd want to get involved in? It would be a way for me to say good by to Paris too since I'm planning to move back to the US. Would you pay to have this done? To be a part of it? Or because you wouldn't get the doll you wouldn't do it? I was thinking of having the price if I'd charge for them to be costs for if I get fined putting the doll somewhere of someone's choosing, paying for band-aids when I but myself by accident carving. ;P Then any left over money going towards the move to the US. I'm looking for insight really and ideas. I really want to do this and have for a while. It's something I'd carve in the evenings after dinner so a little bit here and there.