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The Parrots They Are A-Changin'
Watch ONE man and TEN cockatoos compete for the spotlight in this latest installment of Cockatude!

While I do my best to describe the intricate relationships and changing nature of the birds at The Chloe Sanctuary, the cockatoos have other plans. As usual, the entire episode was recorded with three cameras and one quality microphone. The shoot lasted for 90 minutes and I did the best I could to cut it down to a reasonable length. They were so involved and outlandishly vocal that cutting this episode was painful. What is left, I hope, is entertaining and educational.

We had a volunteer in the room during part of the editing process. When I said that I needed to cut another 20 minutes from the video he said, "The parts where you shouted?" I laughed. My voice maxes out at about 80 decibels. The birds have voices that reach 135 decibels. My "shouting" is merely to get the attention of birds that might try to mate or otherwise "damage" their relationship with humans. Getting up to stop them would change the political map on the couch, possibly causing new territories to spring into being. I avoid getting up during a shoot for exactly that reason. Never shout at a bird when you are upset. It's okay to be loud to get their attention, after all, that is what they do to each other and to us!

Everything around us is changing. We humans try to ignore this fact and preserve the status quo. This is not possible! Parrot behavior is changing all the time, too, even for those of you who think it isn't. Even if your feathered friends seem to be exactly the same as yesterday this is not the case. Time will prove this to anyone. Time has proved it to me. Time -- as Stephen Hawking said in his book: "whatever that is" -- grinds mountains to powder and causes suns to wink out of existence.

Learning to live with change is the only way we can honestly deal with the world around us.

And what a wonderful world it is!

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“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.”— Epictetus CE 55-155

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