Part 1 of 3-part plan launched, new front page and more updates!
My 3--part plan

1)Retro and Indie gaming site: Launch a multi-authored gaming site catering to Retro and Indie with the ability to grow and support multiple authors and generate revenue.

2)Grow my gaming self-brand: Continue to grow my personal gaming videos and content.

3)Write a SciFi novel

Part 1 - gaming site - is launched.

2 other writers and I have launched Zero Friction, a gaming site on Retro and Indie gaming. It's still brand new and we aren't done putting the finishing touches on everything yet, but the first two weeks have been spectacular with how the sites been recieved.

I'm going to start making some Patron-only posts detailing the websites stats and other behind-the-scenes operations as we continue to work on it, but so far I'm beyond happy with the reception we've garnered in only two weeks.

I'm going to do some re-evaluating about Patron and how to properly use it for the best interest of Patrons and myself.

Ideally, we at Zero Friction may look into trying to use Patron and I'm not sure if I should be having a separate Patron page for just myself or not. I still plan and hope to have a lot of my own self-branded content outside of the website, though, so I'll see how best to treat all this - I'm not even sure I'd be allowed to have my Patron AND a Patron for the site that I'd be potentially making money from.

Part 2: Growing my gaming self-brand

I've recently released a Solo hardcore 7 Days to Die video and have more Sengoku videos in the pipeline, along with doing some indie game first-impressions. Look for those soon!

However, the biggest thing is I want to start working on a unique Vlog that would combine some educational content with gaming and feature a talk-show environment with plenty of picture-in-picture, graphics and other editing.

I have a format, Powerdirector 8(I think it's 8), an HD web-cam and a cheaper HD video camera, so I'll be working on this very soon!

Redoing my Patreon page

I'm going over the front page with a fine-toothed comb to consolidate and better explain things, who I am and what I'm doing. I'm still working on a personal Vlog-video welcome to say "Hi" and explain myself and what I'm doing.

To recap

So the site is launched! This is 1 part of my 3-part plan. Each part is insanely huge and requires a tremendous amount of time and work. To have this site launched and part 1 of my plan rolling is extremely exciting and work intensive. The site will be growing and taking on more writers as time goes by, so look for more and more content being written and posted on a regular basis. And if you're a Patron, I'll be putting up more detailed posts on behind-the-scenes info and plans for the site.

Part 2 has technically always been "launched" as I put out videos as best I can, like the recent 7 Days to Die and Sengoku videos, but I really want to push for the stars and develop a unique production - more on this as I get it done.

It may seem quiet on your end, but really with the recent videos I've posted and the website in full swing, there is lots of awesome stuff to see!

Please, let me know what you think, what disappoints you and anything else on your minds whether you are a guest stopping by or a patron.

I'm hoping to get some sort of server/multiplay setup up for patrons and potential patrons as well. Lots of stuff going on!

Thanks everyone for pledging and those of you thinking about pledging, let me know what did or did not sell you on your pledges?

-StratX (Jeremy Stratton)