Part I of our Voyage to Cuba!
Hey Patrons!  I'm so excited to share this with you: our first night on passage on our way to Cuba.  It was interesting getting used to all of our new systems (the below-decks hydraulic auto-pilot, the new AIS system and watching this crazy key in our transmission shaft that wanted to constantly wiggle out).  Always something.  But only one thing broke so far!  Our engine hour ticker.  Now we just keep up with it manually.  I hope you enjoy the video.  This was a nice downwind run compared to the next windy leg of our trip which will be coming soon!

And, to give you all an early update, in a somewhat crazy turn of events, Phillip and I are actually going to jump on s/v Libra (this afternoon!) and serve as crew for the run from Key West (including a stop in the Dry Tortugas, yay!) to Pensacola.  Unfortunately, a pretty gnarly front is coming through the Gulf and it was not something we wanted to take our boat out in to try to get her home to Pensacola right now.  We also decided we may want to go further south this year, so we're going to stage Plaintiff's Rest in the Key West area for now and hop on Librato get Phillip back to handle a few things at the office.  Then we will fly or drive back to the boat later in January and will probably leave her here as well while we sail to the Miami Boat show in February!  Exciting news, I just got final confirmation that I will be speaking on Monday the 21st at the show about my "First Time Across the Atlantic."  I hope all of you who will be attending the show can make it.  And, anyone who would like to consider making the sail with us from Pensacola to Miami on a 5-day offshore voyage on Libra, there are still bunks available and you can still get a Patrons-only $250 discount.  Book at

Any of you who like to do weather routing or watch wind for passage, definitely follow along on this romp across the Gulf.  It's going to be "fun" as Captain Ryan says.  We'll turn on the tracker in just a few hours.  Feel free to message us while we're underway and follow on Facebook for our Delorme posts during the passage:

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