A Part Of Nature
'Kids play with mud.  They build sandcastles.  It's like building your own little fortress.  It's not rocket science.'

Ross and Kathryn decided that they were not going to get into debt buying a big house. Instead, they spent a year building it themselves.  They made use of materials that are found around them in the natural environment, having less of an impact on the earth. 

Spend a night at Ross's home in De Rust, South Africa - Numbi Valley on AirBnB - https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/917437?location=De%20Rust%2C%20Western%20Cape%2C%20South%20Africa&s=6-wbQGAo

Equipment used:
Sony FS7 with still lenses

Music sourced from Audio Network.
A Way Of Life - by Jody Jenkins
Where The Light Is - by Adam Drake and Tom Jenkins

Final Mix by Stef Albertyn

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