Part of Why I'm on Patreon
This little ditty of a video simply shows a large part of my daily inspiration: our back yard.

We let our yard grow naturally, and the benefits have been amazing:  More plant-life, baby trees, tons of lizards, butterflies, happy birds, and bees (which in case you didn't know, are pivotal to much of our food and dying out in disturbing numbers.)  To learn more about reasons to let your yard be natural, read this.

In moments of frustration about the struggle of making life as an artist, the atmosphere of life surrounding my studio soothes me and regenerates my motivation to create new art.  Through my art I try to point the way toward regaining unity with nature on a deeper level, so that we will yearn to live in a sustainable way.

So if you dig my art (more here) and/or my message, consider clicking that "Become a Patron" button.

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Because of patrons, I truly feel appreciation for what I do, making it feel all the more validated.  That support keeps me creating (and eating!)

Have a beautiful day!