Passing the Google interview as a software engineer
In this video I describe the Google interview process for SWE (Software Engineer) positions for STEP interns, interns, and full time googlers.

The Google interview assess you in 3 parts:
(1) coding
(2) algorithms
(3) software design

I go through all of these three in detail and describe what sort of knowledge you need for each section and give some example questions that could be asked.

I give two example questions, one for algorithms/coding and one for software design. The algorithms/coding question is as follows: "Given a list of N points on the plane and a point of interest A, find the K nearest neighbours of A, i.e. the K closest points to A". The design question is as follows: "Design the Google Hangouts chat system".

The CLRS book is here:

The Algorithms book is here:

Algorithms training websites:

Local training websites may also exist for your country.

The Gang of Four book:

GitHub explore:

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