A Passing Muse Not In Vain

A Passing Muse Not In Vain

If I knew I were never to see you again
I’d have carved your image into my eyes.
If today were the last I’d be beside you
I would have stayed awake until I died.

If I could never know love again
I’d close my mouth till I can mend.
What more could I hold to cover
Never to slip the lie of loving another.

For if I could never hold you closer
Of the time you cried upon my shoulder.
Held each tear in a palm of forever
Clouds rain down my dreary weather.

While my soul, if it would know joy
I’d bathe over in your peaceful ploy.
Our hearts were made to feel this pain
For we could have never known growth again.
I rather be ruined in sorrow eternally
Than never have known your face plentifully.

In a chance of giving everything
I felt in the empty pit of my truth.
I would make art of our lives
If she’d only let me give her proof.