From a young age my parents always encouraged me to follow my passions. "Follow your passion," they said, " and the rest will fall into place." After giving that some thought, the one thing I could say for sure I was passionate about was girls. And I don't mean passion for girls in an Arthur Fonzarelli sort of way. instead, my passion for the ladies seemed to always materialize in a hopeless romantic sort of way.

     When I was in my awkward teen years (as opposed to my current awkward 30's) I found that music, in particular songwriting, aided me in expressing all the complex and hormone driven experiences I was having as an undersized, greasy, teenaged, hopeless romantic.  A girl would break my heart (a very easy thing to do) and I'd find myself writing words and melodies to help ease my pain and frustration. 

     As I grew into my awkward 20's I began writing songs about more than just the heartbreak that comes with living the life of a grade 'A' sucker (I'd get one glance from a pretty girl and she could have anything she wanted from me). I started writing songs about life and spirituality and meaning. As I wrote song after song, I was beginning to find that writing and performing my music Is my passion!

    My passion for finding the love of a good woman (or any woman really) prompted me to write songs. Writing songs, it turns out, developed into my passion. So I guess my parents were right. I followed one passion, which was anything but profitable and at times downright painful, and I wound up finding a passion that I am now on my way to making my career.