Past Book Binding and Future Goals
Since I mentioned my bookbinding experience in yesterday's post, I wanted to share a photo of one of the books I've made. This is an early Coptic binding (with my own stylistic touches) made during a week long workshop taught by historian and artist Julia Miller. The boards are made of layered papyrus sheets, which we glued and pressed. The binding and wrap is goat leather, with hand-embossed and inked decoration, and the closure device is carved bone.

The pages are blank, though I used some of my woodcut print rejects for the endpapers. Re-using materials such as paper was quite normal at the time and sometimes bits of lost texts are found in the structure of books made later.

This particular binding is the most complex I've created to date. I've mostly worked in the limp leather binding format because it is easy to do without access to expensive tools, and I like the character of the resulting book. Since I've only worked with blank pages, I've also favored the limp binding because it isn't so intimidating to start writing or drawing in a book which looks a bit rough. That said, I've  wanted to bind text for quite some time, which is a major part of why my next funding goal is membership at the Independent Publishing Resource Center.

I have some binding skills (as well as tools and materials), I have art skills, but I don't have digital layout skills. Jobbing out graphic design work is expensive and has held me back from creating items such as stickers, chapbooks, and the item which is so often requested: a coloring book!

Most of my creation time is devoted to The Nameless Project until September, but there is time in my schedule to start taking classes and working on my layout skills. At $275 in pledges, I will join IPRC and sign up for needed classes, which will open the door to new projects. Since I can't promise an immediate result from reaching this goal, all patrons at the $8 and up level will receive a bonus wood bookmark in the next shipment.

Right now we're only $65 away from that goal.  Reaching it would only take one new patron at the $75 Woodcut of the Month level, or 3 at the $25 Art Surprise level, or 4 at the Zodiac level. You get the idea, it won't take much to reach this education goal.

If you've been on the fence about pledging, know that your support at any level really does make a difference. Look over my past goals, and my new offerings, and you'll see that reaching them really did make new art a reality.

To my existing patrons, if you've been enjoying the benefits of your patronage, would you do me the favor of sharing a link to this page with someone who would also enjoy a taste of the xylographic arts?

Thank you,