After months or years of wandering in the undead fog, these brave ex-zombies have found their pulse again. But who were they before the plague wiped their minds? Little by little, they remember their past selves…

Gema A was the result of late-era experiments in human cloning, which produced perfectly accurate copies implanted with all the memories of the original. Months after recovering from the plague, Gema A has still not remembered her past, so she spends every waking hour in search of her fellow clone, Gema B, hoping the clone can tell her who she is. Unfortunately, Gema B is hoping for the same thing when she tracks down Gema C...

Gwen McGinty is a literal, actual cat, therefore it can only be assumed that in her previous life, she was also a cat, doing similarly catlike things. Normally the plague does not affect non-human animals, but Gwen was a very bad cat and suffered from many of the same spiritual sicknesses as humanity. Hopefully she won't have to burn through all nine lives to find redemption.

Holly Bergman-Brown was a master baker who sold the entirety of her production—bagels, pastries, and pies upon pies—to just one person, an eccentric author living alone in a forest. After the author collected thousands of dollars on Patreon intended to fund new work, Holly found herself at the center of a scandal when it was discovered that the author had spent every penny of his Patreon earnings on Holly’s pies and pastries. However, when Holly opened her own bakery and the public finally got a chance to taste her products, everyone forgave the author, though he had unfortunately already died in poverty.

Ivy T was the wife of a popular 1980s actor known for his heavy gold chains and mohawk hairstyle. After their divorce in 1990, she went on to marry another celebrity, this time a rapper turned actor on popular crime drama, a decision she claimed was purely for convenience, as she would not have to change her last name. When that marriage also dissolved, she chose to abandon her life of celebrity glamor and sail to the wild continent of Australia, where she roamed the primal deserts, collecting bark and writing poetry in the sand and pitying the fools of the world.

Ben Chesher became obsessed with the 1940s story of Mike the Headless Chicken, a chicken who survived its own beheading and lived 18 months with no head, touring the country as a circus sideshow. Ben wondered if the same could be accomplished with zombies, and began performing experiments with any Dead he could get his hands on. His results were intriguingly reversed: when he decapitated a zombie, the body became inert, but the head continued to function normally, and could be kept alive with a steady diet of human flesh that Ben acquired from nearby battlegrounds, proving that traditional digestion had nothing to do with sustaining the Dead, only the act of eating itself. Following in the footsteps of that 1940s farmer, Ben toured the country with one of his decapitated subjects, Mike the Bodiless Zombie.

Bingz Huang described herself as a “homemaker” by trade, as she stayed home to raise her kids while her husband went to work for the Axiom Group. When her husband was killed in the hurricane that drowned the company headquarters along with the rest of Manhattan, Bingz decided to take her title more literally and began actually making homes, founding an expansive tent city for the streams of refugees pouring out of New York. Bitten by a baby who died in her arms just days before “the change”, neither Bingz nor the baby had to suffer the plague very long before they bounced right back into building a better world.

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