Patch Notes For Weekly Release 0.2
Here are the patch notes for this week's release. Weekly build patrons will receive the new version via PM most likely in the evening as we continue to sweep for bugs. We're excited to send the new content into the world!

Version 0.2 - 10/2/17

  • Added Playable Orus Scene
  • Added Full Ship Content, Including:
    • New Sex Scene!
    • A number of explorable ship areas, new NPCs, new vendor type, new hidden treasures!
    • Multiple new enemies, including the game’s first real boss fight!
  • Added Key Fragments & Szarva Game Pieces to new & pre-existing maps (find before leaving Shiveworth!)
  • Added new skill: Sense Essence, gained automatically after class selection
  • Added stat checks to certain in-game tasks to diversity rewards between character builds (much more to come in this department)
  • Added enemy HP bar that show on highlight/hit after either sensing essence or fighting the enemy once
  • Added Fishing Journal, which keeps track of record catches
  • Added separate inventory functionality between characters (major source of save-breakage)
  • Added a couple of extra fishing/cooking possibilities
  • Fixed “Satisfied” State: Now correctly recovers 75% HP/MP over the course of 100 steps
  • Fixed a few map transition points for better realism/convenience
  • Class-selection also gives you essence of the respective element (except non-elemental choice)
  • Fixed a few option select windows for continuity
  • Fixed a sound effect for continuity
  • Fixed an issue where offhand equipment was unusable

Version 0.1 - 9/20/17

  • Demo Released!

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