Paths of Trust, a Tale of Oshala the Hex, in now available
I hope that Sabit's tale has been providing you a bit of distraction from the news of the day. Broken Justice is almost complete. A new story starts on Wednesday!

The January Tale of Oshala the Hex, Paths of Trust, is now available! Patrons at the $5 level have been sent download links for DriveThruFiction. If there's a problem, please let me know.

It is a tale of intrigue, subtle magics, with the fate of a people, and the life of our heroine hanging in the balance. In the impossible city of Cataract, the only pass through the mountains for hundreds of miles, can the undefeated conqueror Udjai the Peerless make the city his own? Or will Oshala the Hex stop his advance of pillage and bloodshed? And what does their shared past mean for their future?

Here's the blurb:

A sword and sorcery adventure in the tradition of Tanith Lee, Ursula Le Guin, and Robert E. Howard. A world of dark sorcery—an age of sharpened bronze. An undefeated warlord approaches an unconquerable city. Can the sorceress Oshala the Hex keep the city from being drowned in the empire's wave of expansion? Or will her past with the warlord be her undoing?

This is a 7,700-word novelette in the sword and sorcery genre. It is available from several outlets:

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!