Pathworking Schedule 12/19 - 12/26
I am currently running a campaign to honor and give back to our customers, clients, and supporters over the past few years. I wanted to do a pathworking series and decided to start with 'Finding Positivity' because that was the overwhelming wish of our followers. 

The first part of this pathowowking is available in our private Facebook group, linked at the bottom of this post. I have also put the opening ceremony on Periscope in the 'Patron Only' feed so that Patrons can have access to the Guidebook and the Video Explanation and prayer. I will make all guides available to my patrons that come with free videos. Otherwise, the finsihed product of the complete pathworking will only be available through the Magickal Menageire Store website. The livestreams will always be free, so you can always get the benefit without the guidebook. However, extra reflection questions and suggestions are in the free guides patrons recieve. 

This is my first schedule, for my two months of pathworking and free readings for my first set of goals. Hopefully it encourages your support to know that I am already actively working to meet my goals!!! I hope you can enjoy the products and benefits they provide - <3

For the week of 12/19 – 12/25:

12 -19 

-Streaming Day One of Finding Positivity Pathworking at 8PM

-Streaming Live FREE One Card Readings at 9PM

12 -20

-Live Free One Card Readings and Spiritual Counseling 7PM – 9PM

12 – 21

-Live Free One Card Readings and Spiritual Counseling 7PM – 9PM

12 – 22

-Live Stream Meet and Greet with my Mother – Melissa Croft on Facebook Live (TBA -)

      -Discussion about God from Christian Perspective

      -Christmas Discussion and Childhood Memories

Social Media Links

YouTube: Spirit Speak 

UPDATE - 12/20: Channel from Magickal Menagerie will have all the LIVE VIDEOS Shared across all social media..make sure and open in YouTube to comment. 


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