A Patient Boy is a Good Boy
Hi there sweet boys... it's Scarlet and you'll have to forgive me for being a little quiet, so far this month.. 

A little bit of a confessional... in my real life, I'm a school teacher and  the past few weeks have been a blur of school projects, grading and report cards...I'm also working on a post-graduate degree and Midterms were due... 

To thank you for being so patient, I've got a wonderful gift coming your way (in addition to March's session) for all our Patron boys $5+. Mia and I appreciate you so much for helping us grow our craft and we look forward to continue being able to spoil you as support for us grows... what a thing it would be if Mia and I could quit our big-girl jobs and be able to do Erotic Hypnosis full-time.. 

I've been brainstorming for our first date session and I'd love to know where you'd take me on our first date. 

Can't wait to continue to read your testimonials and then pick a winner to spoil. Remember you only have a few days left to submit your testimonial on thehypnomistress.com

 I really love bringing you pleasure..in fact, it gives me great pleasure.