Patreon Newsletter #001
Hello members! This is our first Patreon newsletter filled with news, upcoming events and member contributions during our bi-weekly community meetings.

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who came out. Your input is greatly needed as we take the final steps before re-opening to the public once more. Members came up with so many great ideas again at this meeting — keep them coming!

We're making progress on our licensed spaces, collaborative work area, 3D printing, electronics and woodworking departments.  We still need to run some electric to our machine/welding shops, haul trash to the dump, and organizing our large variety of hardware + consumables. 

Please stop by all day Saturday or Tuesday/Thursday after 5pm to help out!

This Week's Member Projects

John is restoring a baby grand piano. Willis is making this paper mache triceratops pinata. And Ben is donating a prosthetic arm that is being fabricated through 3D printing. Jacob is making a really cool LED matrix and Robert Lanier wants to build a frisbee launcher for Wellington Dog Park!

Awesome! Check out the photos on our Facebook page!

Membership Drive

As our partners push for sponsorships, we need our members to help us meet our fiscal goal of $5000/month by inviting new members to join Kre8now. Without new members, we'll need to implement new forms of revenue. Currently we're at $2100 with 58 patreon members. We can close up the gap if each member enrolls just one new member in the next month!

To incentivize growth at Kre8now, we've decided to honor our current membership fee for anyone that signs up before Grand Opening (date TBA.) This includes all current members paying $35/month. After that, rates may have to be increased, so lock in your friends, family and co-workers at $35/month for the remainder of 2016 by acting now. In short, our regular rate is now an early bird special for our members to share.

Alternate sources of revenue under consideration include: a weekend-only membership, more paid events,  fundraisers or increasing our membership dues. Let's avoid all those scenarios by getting the word out about Kre8now Makerspace. Do you know one person who would like to join our community?

With your all's help, we can get us in the black and starting funding awesome projects and new equipment instead of the bills.

Current Events

March 17th: 

--Certificate of Occupancy.  

--Every workshop (wood, metal, electronics, etc.) will be open with some tools operational and available for member use.

March 24th: 

--Community meeting and soft open for members only.

--Nearly all equipment, tools, and workstations in every workshop are fully functional for member use!

--Redbull Flugtag build kickoff meetup (more info below.)

April 7th @ 6:00 pm: 

--LEX>>FWD: Dedicated to growing professional software developers through presentations and networking.

April 9th @ 7:30PM: 


April 14th @ 7PM: 

--Laravel PHP Framework meetup

--Community meeting.


August 27th: 

--Redbull Flugtag Louisville. We've been invited to join, this time to fly! Check out @flugtag on Slack to contribute to the build or bring your sketches, dreams, fears March 24th for the first Flugtag meetup.

View the full calendar with the latest updates at:!events/c17gp

Host an Event!

Help us fill our calendar by hosting events that engages the public in new and exciting ways. Share your passion through group meetups, projects, potlucks, BBQs and whatever else you can think would draw a crowd. A full calendar makes for a happy makerspace after all!

Do you have sweet skills that you enjoy sharing, but maybe you’re not comfortable presenting a class? We are now pairing members who are great classroom presenters with content experts who really know their stuff.  Help your peers learn, without the hassle of designing a class or the worry of stage fright. And, earn a few bucks as a co-presenter in the process!  

E-mail [email protected] to get your event live or propose a class and help Kre8now grow!

New Equipment

--Motorcycle Lift

--Raise3D N2 3D Printer

ArtLab3D is now reselling the massive N2 series of 3D printers by Raise3D. Check out the unit in-person inside the 3D printing room at Kre8now to check it out. 12" x 12" x 12" build area with a sleek design and touch screen! 

Check out the unboxing video here.

More from us next week!

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