Patreon Newsletter #002
We are making great progress at the makerspace, with new activities and equipment available on a nearly daily basis. We have three new members, welcome to the team Ryan, Christopher and Elypsis! If you haven't already, be sure to book your New Member Orientation to get your key fob.

--Eight members met last Thursday for the Red Bull Flugtag team kick-off meeting, examining the rules, sketching out dozens of designs, and laying out the team goals.

--Arit has spearheaded getting the machine shop up and running.  We now have a mill and two lathes up and running! Watch for upcoming  member checkout classes to get qualified!

--The CNC is operational again thanks to Robert, Tom and many other helping hands to calibrate the massive 4' x 8' work area. 

--Shew 3D printed a super neat Tesla USB charging station.

--Ben and Jess toured Carrick House to prepare for UK Art Museum's House Party on April 9th

--And Russell has been kicking butt at upgrading our security system for the new Weekend Warrior tier on Patreon.

What's New


Owner, David Hempy (@dhempy on Slack)

Online booking / Website improvements has a new front page monthly agenda for our events, classes, meetups and workshops alongside a new booking page. Now it's even easier for members to share their skills and learn new ones. It's currently pretty sparse but we should see various certifications and workshops available the first week of April.


April 7th @ 6:00 pm: 

--LEX>>FWD: Dedicated to growing professional software developers through presentations and networking.

April 9th @ 7:30PM: 


April 14th @ 7PM: 

--Laravel PHP Framework meetup

--Bi-Weekly Community meeting.

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