Patreon Adventures
We did our first session of folks at the top level and they assembled bravely in Viljatown. Speaking to an agent of the queen, they were informed that the flutterponies were being attacked by the wildlife and had requested help. They caught the Lightning Rail and took a comfy trip to the forest of dreams, enjoying booze, snacks, and a small case of SUDDEN NINJA ATTACK! They put that all aside to depart on the train depot that was still being put together. The workers there pointed them into the forest of dreams to where the flutterponies lived. They quickly realized that the animals were certainly ready to do battle. Forcing their way through enraged boars and unfortunately lethal tigers, they happened across two flutterponies. One of them was a fairly monotone variety of the normally riotous colored creatures, Night Wing, a moth sort of flutterpony. She was their beacon of sanity as she guided the party to where Prisma was being built. Alynna, leader of the flutterponies and the city, told them of the troubles they were having, but the only clue was the strange colors that appeared in the sky to the south. While most flutterponies thought this was not only good, but awesome cool, Night Wing was sure that it wasn't natural, and the party agreed, going to investigate. Night Wing stayed at their side, offering the party another melee combatant to bolter Steel Prism's mighty sword swings, and just in time. They discovered a grove of trees with odd runes that seemed to fill the wild life with rage and energy over time. After destroying several of these runes, an angered elven wizard appeared and tried to intimidate them to no avail. Black tentacles proved far more intimidating. Steel ripped his way free of the grasping psuedopods as our brave sun cat priest tried vainly to keep everyone alive, channeling energy. By the time the others had escaped the tentacles, the unfortunate cat had fallen victim to them, his bleeding body tossed around roughly by the uncaring enemy. Steel and Night managed to force their way to their sun cat ally, pulling him free with the power of friendship as Tida restored consciousness to him. The wizard was out of spells and out of luck. The heroes closed in on him and accepted his surrender, hauling him back to the town for justice. He was last seen dangling on a very high jail cell from the tallest tree in the city, to the delight of the flutterponies. And so ends the first session of the monthly Patreon Adventures! Everyone at the $50 tier gets in, and we'd love to round out the party a bit, so hop on in!
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