Lifetime Rewards

3/5/21 NOTE: This document is a little bit outdated on  some rewards (namely cameos and lifetime rewards). I am working on an  update to be pushed out by mid-March. Please excuse my mess!


There are two kinds of lifetime rewards you can earn, from how long you've pledged to how much you've pledged. These are not mutually exclusive and you can earn rewards from both! 

Treehollow Residency: At Least 1 Year Pledged

  • Your name will show up in the Special Thanks section on Tamberlane's front page!
    • You can both change your nickname or opt out of this entirely by filling out a survey!
  • If you are pledged to a cameo tier, each year you're pledged will add an additional 2 pages to your cameo!
  • If you are pledged for a background, non-speaking cameo, after 1 year, your cameo will upgrade to a speaking part!


Please note that due to limitations in how Patreon handles pledge records, your lifetime pledge must be consecutive. 

You must be a current patron at the time of fulfillment to receive your reward.

Treehollow Society: At Least $1000 Pledged

Once your lifetime pledge amount has reached $1,000, you’ll be inducted into the Treehollow Society! Being a part of the society unlocks a host of other patron-exclusive perks!

  • Gain access to the #beta-bat-story-doctor and #beta-bat-proofreader channels on the Foxglove Comics discord. Help unravel story problems, spot errors in the scripts early, and make Tamberlane the best story it can be!
  • 30% off coupon in the Tamberlane shop -- forever!
  • Your name in the Special Thanks section on the front page will have a special color and symbol according to how much you've pledged in your lifetime!
  • Your character's face will be drawn as a new emote for the Discord server! You'll receive the file as well -- feel free to use it anywhere! If you're part of the Treehollow Society, fill out this form to get your emote! 

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