Patreon Resources

Whether you’re a new patron or just want to know what you’re eligible for, this patron resources list is a great place to start! Please note that due to Trello’s permissions, I’ve put all Trello access links together in a separate Trello List here.

All Patrons

Discord: Tamberlane is part of a collective called Dreamy Star Comics, which has its own Patron-only Discord community! Chat with other comic fans, discuss new plot revelations, share your own wonderful creations, and even swap recipes!

Sometimes, the Discord rewards don't automatically hook up. If you haven't joined the Dreamy Star Comics Discord, send me a message and I'll help you out! I announce a lot of things through the Discord, so it's always good to at least keep the Tamberlane channel and Announcements channel unmuted. 

If you don't want to join the Discord, that's fine! Just know that if you've attached your Discord ID to Patreon, Patreon will reconnect you to our server every dang month.

$3+ Patrons

Patron Credit: Make sure to fill out the Welcome Form! This will tell me what you want to be credited as on the website and in books. If you don't fill it out, I will just use your Patreon name. 

$5+ Patrons

Chapter 1 Download: Download your PDF copy of Chapter 1 with bonus content on!
Reviews: Let everyone know what you think of the comic! Submit your review to be included on the Tamberlane website.

$10+ Patrons

Behind-the-Scenes: See all posts on the WIP blog here!
Sketchbook Download: Download the sketchbook PDF on!
Read All Comic Pages: Want to read all of the available pages? The pages are posted here!

$25+ Patrons

High-Res Files: See all textless high-res comic files here and download the .clip files on!
Additional Chapter Downloads: You can also download the following chapters on
Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 (TBA)
Banner: To submit a sponsor banner to be viewable on Tamberlane Twitch Livestreams, fill out this form!

$50-100+ Patrons

Rewards at this tier, including Character Cameos require access to private Trello boards, which you can view in the Trello List here!

Lifetime Rewards

I will send you special Patreon-exclusive merch in the mail on the anniversary month of your pledge as a token of my thanks for your continued support. 

  • 1 Year: Exclusive Tamberfam keychain
  • 2 Year: Exclusive Belfry Dangling keychain
  • 3 Year: Exclusive Belfry/Tamberlane Snuggle Keychain
  • 4 Year: Exclusive Critical Success/Failure Belfry Keychain & dice bag
  • In addition, all current patrons who have pledged 1 year or longer will have their names on Tamberlane's front page!
  • For every year you support Tamberlane at a cameo tier, you get 2 more pages where your character cameos! 
  • After the first year of pledging at $50, your cameo will be upgraded from an incidental character to a story-important character like the $100 tier!

Please note that due to limitations in how Patreon handles pledge records, your lifetime pledge must be consecutive. Hopefully this will change in the future, but for now, this is how I can ensure sustainability.
You must be a current patron at the time of fulfillment to receive your reward.

Introducing the Treehollow Society!

Once your lifetime pledge amount has reached $1,000, you’ll be inducted into the Treehollow Society! Being a part of the society unlocks a host of other patron-exclusive perks!

  • Bronze Level ♣ - $1,000: Exclusive enamel pin, sticker, 30% discount coupon, beta reader access, and membership card
  • Silver Level ♥ - $2,000: Treehollow Society bag and "Don't Forget the Oven Mitts" apron
  • Gold Level ★ - $3,000: Journal, Sketchbook, Pen & Pencil set
  • Platinum Level ♛ - $4,000: Keychain commission of your OC and traditional media sketch page (Artist's Choice of your favorite Tamberlane character) 

Your name will also be on the front page of Tamberlane, along with a status symbol denoting your incredibly generous achievement!

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