Patreon Transparency
Patreon is changing the way they present the information regarding what pledges I am receiving. The old way showed pledges, even if the person did not follow through and donate. The new figure shows an accurate figure based on the amount people actually donate minus the 5% patreon takes, Paypal and credit card charges.

The email I received from Patreon is posted below for your information.

Thanks again for all you who believe in me enough to send a little cash my way. You have no idea what it means to me and how it keeps me motivated to keep trying to do better and bigger things.


The email is posted below:

Hey there, you stellar creator, you.

Happy Friday! If you’re getting this email, it’s because you are

  • Amazeballs
  • In our test group for what we think will be an awesomely helpful change that many of you have been asking about for quite a while!

You know those numbers on your Patreon creator page that look like this?

Yes, those old things. While you’re in this test group, you may notice those numbers decrease. Don’t fret — we didn’t run away with your well-earned money or devout patrons!

As many of you know, the dollar amount doesn’t accurately reflect what you’re actually making on Patreon. Currently, this number shows the total amount pledged from all of your awesome patrons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reflect what you’re really walking away with after credit card or Paypal fees, Patreon’s 5%, and the normal amount of declined pledges you see every month.

This stinks. It gives you an inflated expectation of what you’re earning and shows potential patrons that you’re making more than you really are. This bums you out, and bums us out. Now we’re both bummed. So....

The adjusted dollar amount you’ll see will do just that — this public-facing number will now show an amount much closer to what you’ll be getting on payday because we’ve factored in:

  • Your estimated transaction fees
  • Patreon’s 5%
  • The pledges that declined in the last pay cycle

You can still view your total pledge amount in your Patron Manageron the right-hand side.

If you’d like to read a bit more about the change, check out thisarticle from our Help Center.

Transparency on Patreon is incredibly important, especially when it comes to your earnings. This is your business, your livelihood and your passion. We hope this more accurate portrayal of your income will drive more support your way, and keep you from getting bummed when your payouts are slightly less than expected.

FYI: This test will last about one week in which we will be closely monitoring any positive or negative patron conversion rates. At the end of the day, we always want to do what is very best for you. We’ll send out another email if we choose to move forward with this change permanently. Cheers to a better Patreon!


Taryn Arnold

Community Happiness