Xyr pen flows across the page with ease. If only someone could pull this person out of xyr writing rutt- xe ripped the page from the blue, spiral notebook with a mental reminder to buy a new one soon, since there's not many sheets of looseleaf left. 

Scratching xyr head, xe sighed as xe looked to xyr newly created Tumblr, though it was just that. However it was prettied up for xyr followers- a grand total of zero followers -and suddenly, xe had an amazing idea.

Xe'd heard about Patreon once or twice, might as well try it out, right? Plus, xe wanted to make people happy by giving them extra rewards.

Pulling out xyr laptop, xe began to type in, wondering why xe hadn't done this sooner, and- oh, right, xe was fourteen. Oh well! 

Smiling, xe was already done with xyr Patreon page! Moving back over to xyr Tumblr, xe began to make another page, locked to everyone but xyr patrons- xe'd need a name for them, patron was so bland! Perhaps they'd decide their name. 

The username and password are wrapped up, happily chattering with the other words in the thank-you message.