Patreon and Commissions update!
Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a few updates about this Patreon and my commissions work.

Rewards shift

I messaged existing patrons about this already, but I removed the "early-bird" aspect of the $3 reward level and merged the $2 and $3 rewards together. The tutorials and downloads I plan to put together in the near future will involve quite a bit of effort, so I think this minor nudge is a fair way to compensate for all that work, and also allows more people to join in. I will make sure the Journey Points also fairly reflect what patrons are giving at that level. This way patrons can see more of what they really want and get art projects they ask for with their points (more details on the Journey Points update here).

New Reward!

I've added a new reward! EXPLORER. I don't have an image for it, yet, but I'll probably re-purpose the wolf-on-a-mountain animation. 

The new reward is at the $25 level and does not include Journey Points, but does basically include free art every month. This reward allows patrons to suggest specific topics, including their own characters or favorite animals, for me to draw when I do practice and warm-up drawings. So instead of drawing random snow leopards guarding a dungeon door, I could be drawing your OC hiking through the woods (or something). You'll get a hi-res file sent to you of any artwork I create that comes from your suggestions.

The Explorer reward is currently limited to only two people but I may expand that in the future depending on its success. This is an awesome way to get custom art on the cheap while supporting me as I expand the limits of what I can create.

New patrons!!!

Say hello to all our new travel companions! This month saw a sizable spike in new patrons, and for that I'm incredibly grateful. Seriously, I thank each and every one of you for joining me on this incredible journey.

As always, I'm open to comments, feedback, questions and suggestions at any time. This journey we're on is going to ROCK, and it's all thanks to you.

A BIG commission I'm working on

As for life/business updates, I've recently been hired to work on a rather large and important piece with a tight deadline. I can't give any more specifics than that, but I'll be sure to share the WIPs I've been saving and all the details once everything's complete and I get the go-ahead from the client. I plan on turning this project into a case study to add to my personal web site, and I'll be sharing some more lessons learned from this project as well.

That said, while I work on this project, I'll be a bit slow with getting other pieces complete. I'm not closing down commissions (or Journey rewards!), but I may just be a little delayed.

I'm hoping to wrap up this project within the first two weeks of October, so I'll be back to whipping up content like crazy after then.

My own theme song coming soon

HELL YES! Can you believe it? My own THEME SONG! How cool is that?

I listen to a number of podcasts, one of which caters to the 'furry' fandom, and to make a long story short I contacted the person who did their podcast theme song. He happened to like my art and has a new album coming out, so we agreed to a trade: I'll be making the art for his next album, and he'll be producing a full-length theme song for me.

We've been communicating our trade over Telegram over the last few days and I'm totally stoked for how the song is going to come out. I'll be using the song in all my YouTube videos, which I also hope to make more of once the song is complete (including an intro video for my Patreon itself).

I'll share WIPs and more details about this art/music trade soon.

Next big resource bundle: GLACIER

I haven't forgotten to keep adding to my growing resource library, either! I'm working on touching up the 100+ photos from the two times I got to hike atop the Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand. here's a sneak peek:

Coming up on ONE YEAR

Wow, time has really flown. I launched this journey last November when I was still living in Wellington, New Zealand, and still working full time. I didn't have a full idea of what I was doing and where I would go. I had both ups and downs in this journey (including that huge travel break halfway through!), learned a lot and met some amazing people who are such gracious supporters. For that, I'm thankful, and eager to keep going!

I'll do a more formal "1 year" write-up, but is there anything in particular you'd like me to comment on? Sound off in the comments!

Other stuff

That's mostly it for me. In terms of personal projects, as you saw in some previous WIPs and releases, I'm continuing the "Wolves with Ribbons" theme and doing Hyenas and Game of Thrones wolves. With the above two projects on my plate, these will be delayed a bit, but hopefully I can finish everything by early November at the latest in time for the Christmas shopping rush. We'll see. Wish me luck!

Thanks again for all of your support!

Edit: Forgot to mention the resource pack I'm working on!