Patreon and Onlyfans
Hello everybody. I wanted to stop by my Patreon to give you an update. Patreon currently has not worked out in terms of time management and currently is something I cannot delegate a lot of time on. My main focus is on my Onlyfans page where it is not only the most lucrative for me but also is the least time-consuming. A blog post here could take 2 hours to write, whereas I can take photos or videos on Onlyfans for only a fraction of the time. I will relaunch Patreon eventually I am sure when time frees up, because it is something I want to deliver - fitness blogs, nutrition and health to everyone who is interested. I think I have a good idea how to use Patreon the best but right now is not the time.

I would like to offer anyone who is currently a Patreon access to my Onlyfans webpage where you will see free content for an entire month, please note you cannot currently have an active Onlyfans subscription with me to avail of this. If you are interested in this please message me in private your Onlyfans username and I’ll get to adding credit to your balance :) thanks so much for your support here and I apologise for not delivering how I wanted it to be - but Onlyfans has currently 66 posts as of writing to enjoy with lengthy videos, clips, and photos.

Join in for your free month as my way of saying thank you for helping me here. Discord is still active and you will retain your subscriber entitlements. I will be engaging to bring more people over to Discord to keep the community chats alive. Plans to come :)