Patreon and what it means to you
Upon the advice of several members of the Editing Gang, and after a small poll showed at least a few people were interested in the idea, I have launched a Patreon.

The point of this is not to make money. I personally don't think what I write is that noteworthy (at this time!) to do such a thing. However, in the future, when I finish the Premiseverse off and move into original fiction, then the site will change.

For now, the main purpose of the Patreon is to allow me to expand the work further. Artwork. Music. Having it drawn up as a visual novel or even animated. Putting it into bound form. I'd love to do all that now, but my financial and health condition makes it ... difficult to do so. Having already sunk a good amount of money into this endeavor means that having additional help will allow it to go farther.

A secondary purpose is to ensure that when I move into original fiction I have the option of doing so without worrying if people are interested. One of the final goals on the site is the amount of money I would need to begin work on such a thing. If we never reach that goal....I'll just keep writing fan fiction.

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