Patreon Portraits: Ariana
Hello hello!
Now that my solo show is over, I'm back in the Patreon groove.
I've been doing complimentary Patreon Portraits for all patrons old and new, no matter what their reward tier is. I'll be accepting more patrons onto the queue until April 5th! So if you have ever thought of becoming a patron, now would be a good time if you want a complimentary drawing!

This portrait is really exciting and a bit of a breakthrough for me!
Most of the portraits have been more realistic and taking the time to get the perfect likeness. Before each realistic portrait I do a small & quick 1 minute pen drawing! This quick pen drawing seemed to capture Ariana's energy better than my attempt for realism with pencil. 

So while this portrait isn't as realistic, it has alot more energy and looseness to it!  AND with the extra time I usually use to render,  I got to use some loose colors in photoshop!

Excited to do more of these patreon portraits and update all of you on March's illustration!

I love you like XO (sauce),