Patreon As The Next Step In The Journey.
Its been a long and creative journey, but the next step is Patreon.

If you are new to Patreon it's a membership platform where you can to contribute to my projects, receiving  rewards in return. This is going to be an interesting new part of my journey as a creator and I'm looking forward to building a Patreon following so check out my page.  

Of course you could just 'Follow' and just receive 'Public' posts. If you chose to support me financially, you'll have access to an increasing level of material I produce with the new funding. Depending on the level of involvement you'd like going forward. Together we can make a tangible difference. 

Designing the page is very much still a work in progress and a steep learning curve. All the page settings and the wide ranging potential takes time to get your head around. It is my plan to launch over the next month or so. Once the page is complete!

I joined Patreon a few months ago, and ever since have been forming a plan of how to use its potential, to help expand my creative work. Leading to more people reacquainting themselves with the nature around them, that they are maybe taking for granted or not even noticing on a daily basis.

I do this through writing wildlife gardening articles and books, giving various lectures, and leading nature sensory workshops.

As a wildlife sound recordist I produce a range of audio for inclusion in my wildlife radio show 'Going Wild With Wildlife' ideal for hospital radio, as a connection with nature helps patient experience and recovery. The audio can be re-purposed for Talking Newspapers for the visually impaired and audio blogs.

I am also involved with a TV/Online show called 'The Peoples Countryside', with the aim of improving the state of nature through trips incorporating filming, radio and photography.

Check out the 'Overview' section on my Patreon page for more information, and the current plans for the future that involves theatre's and even the world seas and oceans. 

Get involved now by letting me know what rewards you would like to see incorporated into this Patreon page. Your ideas, even at this stage, are important. It helps form a clear vision and drive the journey ever onward.