Patreon Backer Google Hangout - Friday April 3rd
Hi all For anyone who is interested I'm planning to do a live Patreon Backer Google Hangout and Q&A on Friday April 3rd starting at around 4pm UK for an hour. The hangout will be sent out to everyone as an unlisted Youtube video after it's over incase you miss it and you're welcome to fire any questions you have to me here and I can try to answer them for you if you're not at the hangout. I'll be talking about what this mysterious new job is I have been teasing all month, giving people a behind the scenes look at some of the features I have in the works for big sites, as well as chatting about some of the places I'm going to be visiting on work trips this month. Also, a lot of answering backer questions. I'll drop a link to the Q&A stream through Patreon on the day. Laura