Patreon Board Game Night 5!
As I just announced in Discord, our next Board Game Night is this saturday at Noon CST!

If it's your first time all you need to participate is to be an active patron, join the discord, and have a mic/phone for chat (I guess text chat could work if strictly required). Players chat in the VC and announce their moves over chat, and watch the livestream to see what's happening. Only patrons can play, but the stream is public.

Get a reminder/countdown here.

 Also was hoping to brainstorm some ideas for future Patreon Board Game Nights; Amiibo Fest is working great and we'll probably keep doing it, but I was thinking every other month or so we could try something different. Current ideas:

  • Mario Party drinking game (all CPU, take a drink when your CPU loses. Minors/teetotalers drink water/just chat)
  • Suggestions for other all CPU drinking games welcome, Worms could work?
  • Jackbox  Party Pack (I don't have this, but I'm fairly sure it would work)
  • Keep Talking And No One Explodes (this would either be a (delightful?) mess or require turn-taking)

Feel free to recommend your own ideas or give feedback on the ideas here. If everyone just wants Amiibo Fest, we can stick to that too of course.

Sidenote/FYI: My new phone still hasn't arrived yet, so not many parker pictures this month. My Pixel XL 1 should be arriving soon and I'll be getting a lot more pics with it after.

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