Patreon C.S.R.: Sky Blue Opal
(August Patreon Colored Sketch Reward)

A Sketch Request for AbnormalDre  Sarah as a Crystal Gem

This Reward is available for $1 Teir+

Pledge $1 and you receive....

+Early Access to Artwork, Videos, W.I.P.s, Step by Steps, and Sketches on the Feed!

+Participate in Polls and Sketch Request Raffles.

Pledge $10 and you recieve.....

+All Previous rewards.

+You get 2 Sketch Requests in the beginning of the Month (You can receive this reward after the 1st month of payment,)


Commissions are Open and Feel free to add and/or ask us questions  and Support us on Patreon and Receive Awesome Rewards!!! 

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