Patreon Cameo Placement - Chapter 16
(Making this public so people can see it, even if they deleted their pledge!

These names are based on what was heading emails or your patreon accounts, so I apologize if they are now incorrect! Let me know if you want me to update your name. 

Baylee: Page 9, Page 20

Kieran:  Page 16, Page 18 

Niel:  Page 20 

Abigail: Page 16, Page 18

Beth: Page 20

Valeria + Juliet: Page 18

Blue Light:  Page 19 

Dominique: Page 15

Julia + Partner:  Page 20 

Eirene: Page 19

Dakota: Page 15

Dakota + Partner:   Page 19

Veronika: Page 19

If you have sent me your prom information and you are not included on this list, please contact me IMMEDIATELY! 

Thank you all so much! Keep an eye out for these pages to see when your cameos come out! 

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