Patreon Changes
Evening folks. Earlier today Patreon sent out an email to all Creators to notify us of a change in how fees are distributed. Patreon plans on sending out an email to all Patrons sometime tomorrow. The basics is they've decided to transfer some of the processing fees onto you, our Patrons, meaning a $1 pledge will now lead to you being charged around $1.38. Yeah, I'm not pleased either. Most Creators aren't. 

While the reasoning behind this change is to, supposedly, allow Creators to keep more income each month, most of us would prefer to shoulder the fees as we have previously, rather than see them passed on to you. 

I've sent feedback to Patreon earlier. If interested, you can leave feedback on this policy change here

As a result, Matt and I have decided to look into bringing back the old Supporter's Area of the comic's website as an alternative to Patreon. This will take a few weeks to a month due to the old Supporter's Area code not being compatible with the current version of Clickthulu. 

In the meantime I apologize and understand if you decide to change your pledge as a result of this. 

I just want to say thank you for supporting me. It not only helps me pay my bills it also encourages me to keep creating. 

Thanks guys!