Patreon Changes
As you may know, Patreon has recently rejiggered its fee system in a way that helps no one but Patreon, and which hurts the small donors the most. I'm hoping they respond to the many creators speaking out about the change, but in the meantime, I'm exploring other options. 

This would also let me fiddle again with the tiers. I'm reasonably happy with the lower level ones, particularly when I'm being good about scheduling content ahead of time, but the Slack channel was a disaster because it became too distracting.

What do you want to see? 

Here's my limitations: 

  • I am terrible about physical package mailings, which end up sitting and sitting by my door (there's a package for Frances there right now that I keep meaning to send, for example). 
  • I hate phonecalls, but don't mind videocalls at all. Go figure.
  • I have a life already fragmented by classes and scheduled calls for SFWA, freelance writing, editing projects, coaching, and a mystery project that I cannot talk about so I am not fond of regularly scheduled sessions.

Here's my strengths and possible content sources deriving from them: 

  • I don't mind video, in fact I like it. Something like filming quick snippets on Periscope and/or Youtube is high on my list of possibilities.
  • I like writing flash. Prompts are fun and I wouldn't mind doing more of them.
  • I teach writing and have plenty of advice. Happy to give people advice about all sorts of stuff.
  • I (try to) write daily - daily snippets are good for me because they make sure I do something.
  • I like to cook and post recipes.
  • I have active presences on Instagram and Twitter.
  • I have a book come out about every six months; there should be at least one tier that is "get these as ebooks in advance".
  • I have the Rambo Academy full of on-demand and live classes and could make that part of the Patreon, i.e. a level that gives you access to all new content as it appears.
  • While I have to walk to the post office for packages, the same does not hold true of smaller stuff and I have about 500 vintage postcards so people could get random ones in the mail.
  • I have a photogenic cat.
  • I do story edits, coaching calls, and one-time advice sessions - could have a level that allows for one of these each month.

What do you think?