Patreon Changes & Updates
Patreon will be changing how much you are charged starting December 18th.  Please take a moment to watch this video and read This BLOG.

This changes how Patreon works and is totally unfair to YOU!  I fully understand that this changes how you support not only me, but others that you may have spread $1 or $2 around to other Patreon pages.  Plus, I am FULLY prepared for, & expect everyone to stop their support.

For example your Support level is $20, you will be charged $20.50 and I will only be donated $18 or so of your support.  

I will leave Patreon up but will be switching to Pure Paypal Donations.

Donations through PayPal can be made through This Link 

Thank you all for your support and for being an amazing family.  I will miss all of you and you have changed my life for the better.