Patreon changes (general housekeeping)
I've been sick as a dog this last week (why a dog? why not a wet hen? or a muddy cat?) and I'm only just starting to wrap my head around what's going on. (why, Patreon, why?)

To my lovely patrons - as always, thank you for your support and all my love and I'll love you even if you're no longer a patron. 

I've actually been fever-sick twice in the last 30 days and so that's possibly what's behind this next announcement (no, katje, don't make decisions when your brain isn't all there!):

I figure that it might be fun to share some of my behind-the-scenes thoughts regarding why I write or don't write certain things. Like boy harems. Or Mommy/Littles. 

(I see the side-eye there)

I haven't been writing (much), but the ole brain is still churning, and of course being the caring sort of person I am, I thought I'd share. 

Look ma, those kindergarten lessons stuck after all!

As a reader, I'm almost always curious as to why an author goes a certain way or doesn't and so...

Here's where the filters mostly come off.