Patreon Changes
Hi all,

You've probably heard (from Patreon directly) about the changes they've made to pledge fees etc and I just wanted to say a little something about that.

As much I think it's a bad move on their part, it's a bit like YouTube shenanigans at the moment. Make changes, mess things up for people.... 

But YouTube and Patreon are the only real options for content creators to upload videos & for viewers to support us to make a living.  

That being said, I do really value and increasingly value those that still support me via Patreon. Particularly with the current ad issues on YouTube.

A big welcome to the new Patrons that have joined in the last few days. Don't forget we have a Discord that everyone is welcome to join. Come say hi: 

Watch this space, Patreon changes coming over the next month! ;-)