Patreon Changes
Hi lovely patrons! You'll soon receive an email from Patreon regarding changes to their payment and fees structure. Now, patrons will pay a lot of the fees rather than me, the creator (2.9% PLUS 35c for EACH pledge). I do not agree with this and I feel that it discourages the micropledge, something I think made Patreon really great. 

Please know how much I have appreciated your support this year. You've driven me to record and post more often than I otherwise would have. And I've also begun to use my Facebook page as a bit of a blog. If you need to change your support level or withdraw it altogether, I completely understand. I hope that Patreon is listening to the feedback and reverses its current plans. In any case, I will still be making this lil podcast and I hope you will continue to enjoy listening to it.