Patreon changes *IMPORTANT
Hi everyone! I'm sorry for taking a while to comment about this, I didn't have enough time to research it so I didn't want to say anything prematurely.

That being said, as many of you know, Patreon announced that starting December 18, it'd be changing its fee structure in a way that will add fees to patrons' pledges. As it is now, creators pay backend fees, which is true for everything we use; however, Patreon wants to adjust this and charge you the fees instead. In short, you will pay more to cover a lot of my/Patreon's fees.

There's a great post about it here and, in the first section, there are links to other well-researched articles that are written way better than I can ever explain myself. Especially this post that details the math side of things.

However, the important thing for you is just to know what you can expect of these changes. Your pledges would change in this way:

$1 pledge: 1 + .35 + 2.9% = $1.38
$3 pledge: 3 + .35 + 2.9% = $3.43
$5 pledge: 5 + .35 + 2.9% = $5.50
$10 pledge: 10 + .35 + 2.9% = $10.64

For patrons on a budget and those who support many artists, these fees are WILD and, if I understand correctly, you will be charged again on the 18th (?). All of you are our crutch and the reason why many of us could afford to do what we love as a job and we never, ever wanted to add an extra burden onto you. I'm SO sorry you all have to deal with this.

Many patrons at this moment have already cancelled pledges or edited to lower amounts--I completely understand this. All of you work hard to support me and I'm grateful for everything, no matter how big or small. For a while now, Patreon has covered almost the entirety of my loan payments every month; it's allowed me to freelance full-time so that I was able to give up my car to someone who needed it more than I did, as well as being emotionally and physically available at all times to help my aging parents who had very serious health scares in the past year. Always being on-hand for them was huge and Patreon made it possible. So, if these fees are something you can't afford: I'd never hold it against you and if the only way I can help you is by seeing you go, then I support it! Thank you so, so much! 💕

I'm unsure where to go from here but I know other artists are discussing alternatives such as drip (beta, invite-only atm). I feel like that'd be a huge move, but I guess we'll see what happens as we get closer! Until then, I've had people express that they want to support me in other ways, so these are the best places for me:

I've recently had some extra freelance but I will get my butt into gear on working on other merch for you all! However, I've got something more pressing I've consistently been working on... *coughprintedvolumescough*

***ALSO: I've seen some supporters express concern for artists since it's the holiday season so I should mention: I do NOT celebrate Christmas, so if you're focusing on the artists that are struggling for extra cash around the holidays, please don't worry about me, in that respect. 😚💕

I hope this was transparent enough for all of you supporting me! If I said anything incorrectly, if you have anything to add, or if you have any questions, please feel free to say so in the comments. 💛