Patreon Changes
For those who haven't heard, and this was bound to happen sooner or later the more popular they became .... Patreon is changing their payment system where they will add a small percentage of fees patrons must pay per item... and the creators won't see that fee added.  This sounds like a lose-lose for both sides, and also seems like a way for Patreon to benefit Paypal instead and establish itself as a more competitive player with the likes of other pay sites. Unfortunately, it sucks for people making multiple small pledges of $1, since they will be paying more.  And also I am one of those creators who only have like 14 patrons in total who only pay $1 instead of one patron, with some of them being frauds!

My plan: I will see how this plays by ear. If it turns out I lose a LOT more money with the same # of patrons as I had before, I might consider starting goals again, or even migrate somewhere else eventually. In the meantime, please keep spreading the word about my Patreon to people who haven't heard of it!  :)  The more people who pay, the more it makes up for the lost fees.