Patreon Changes are a go!
You may have noticed folks weve changed styles for our channel well thats because i felt it was only right that Bane be more prevalent in the channel identity though we cant change the YouTube address we have decided to change its name to GB Gaming, one because were both British and two because Gul/Bane Gaming sounds more appropriate.

You can expect more streams from us in the future too, we are going to look into both having dedicated YouTube stream as well as Grudge Match Hitbox Streams, we also hope to continue on forging relationships with mod makers across the strategy and sci-fi domain to bring you the very best games!

Hey folks just an update regarding your ongoing Patreon support we are aware we have no been the greatest at making Patreon supporters feel cherished by their support, we are going to push this even more by hosting dedicated community games four times a year and only Patreon supporters will get first come first serve places by being in the correct channel.

I'd also like to announce the new grudge match team Patreon level, both myself and Bane require all the help we can get in settling this grudge match so at the top level of Patreon you now have a choice of who to join its either myself the magnificent and superior Gul Dukut or its that miscreant known as Bane, depending on which team you choose to sponsor you will be streamed live on hitbox with either myself or Bane Refereeing the match to claim a point for either team Gul or team Bane.

We really appreciate the support you show us and its been a hard journey to create content, have a family (in Banes case) and hold down Jobs as well as make awesome videos!

We promise to be much better at being involved in the future, so forgive us for our past indiscretions and help us make GB gaming the best channel it can be.

This is the Gul Signing out!

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