Patreon Changes and Content Additions!
Hey Everyone!

This patreon is going amazingly strong,  and I have you lovely patrons to thank! This has been one of the wildest and most profound years of my life. I've pushed my own style and vision into the world, and seen it explode all over the internet with comments, shares, articles, interviews, fan videos, and inspired spinoff projects. My world has been a blur of positivity and love since May, and seeing your support through it all has only added to it.

Like any long term work, things can get intense. It's intense being in the driver's seat like this, releasing content consistently and maintaining inspiration throughout every week. Creepy Pokemon is my baby, my gift to the world and to myself, and I do it with love and pride. 80 fanart images and 25 Patreon deliveries in, hundreds of posts, tens of thousands of fans, and comments and emails and messages ringing up on my phone on a daily basis. Keeping the love in the Creepy Pokemon through the growing social media and administrative tasks has been an enormous learning curve. And I am grateful for the personal and professional lessons I have learned and continue to learn.

The drive to succeed and deliver this love is very real, and I thank everyone for understanding when I need to take breaks and evolve my work. 

Which brings me to the Patreon changes!

- Due to additional administrative tasks and life responsibilities, I am changing my releases from a weekly schedule to a Per-Batch schedule. I will release batches of content roughly every other week. 

-Batches will include 2-3 images per batch, with at least one image guaranteed to be a Creepy Pokemon (some batches may all be pokemon), and the others being other content that I want to produce outside of this project. This includes exploring other fanart, experimenting with Pokenomicon images (described below), nightmare fuel pieces (a la Beksinski and Geiger), personal work, pinups, and whatever else inspires me for that batch of work. These works will have PC and Mobile backgrounds made from them, so patrons will have additional content for their digital devices.

-I am experimenting with "Pokenomicon" wallpaper background images for my patrons. Since everyone likes the stories I write, I figured Necronomicon-style images are a natural evolution of my content. Imagine the disturbed scrawlings of a researcher losing their mind as they uncover and document the secrets of Post Apocalyptic Kanto. Ideas include: Sketches and writings of Pokemon they see, feverish ritualistic scrawlings of easter eggs and Kanto lore, blood splatters and rings of coffee or stains, ominous footnotes, disturbing symbology, additional descriptions of Pokemon available only to patrons, etc. I will advertise teaser images when my batches of content include these, but full images will only be released to paying patrons.

- $10 Patrons, with written permission, will be put into a rotating list of names used in the pokedex stories (text lore descriptions and Pokemonicon pages) I release across my social media platforms. Want to be referenced as a rogue Pokemon researcher, a lone survivor of a destroyed gym, or wayward Pokemon trainer gripped with murderous insanity? Want your name read by literally thousands of your fellow fans in a cool way that helps build this nightmare world? Now is your chance!

- Addition of Photoshop Brushes to Batches: I'm adding my work brushes to the $5 tier. These change over time, and if you like my style and want to emulate it, they will be here as part of your patronage!

- Video Content: I will be releasing at least one video per batch of content. This will include anything from time lapse videos, HD step by step tutorials, drawing in real time and discussing a topic, me acting like Bob Ross and painting Happy Little Nightmares, etc. The style and subject matter of content will depend on inspiration and work load on my end, and you will know the subject matter before the batch is released. 

- I'm changing the patronage to $1, $5, and $10 tiers per batch of content.

-$1 Reward Tier Batches include images and backgrounds.

-$5 Reward Tier Batches include images, backgrounds, photoshop brushes, and files.

-$10 Reward Tier Batches include images, backgrounds, brushes, files, video content, and patrons will be put into a rotating list of names for my pokemon stories upon request. 

That about wraps it up! It's a long post, but it's a lot of changes that have to happen. While the previous evolution of the Patreon was a good baseline for my work, I feel that this evolution is going to resonate with people a lot more. This work means a lot to me, and I know it means a lot to my growing fan base.  This new direction makes me happier, and I know it will excite a lot more people.

Thank you again for being part of this work. Keep being amazing, and I will catch you for the next release!

-David Szilagyi