With the year coming close to an end and sadly I doubt there will be any patreon supported projects coming up this year. I have thought long and hard about some changes to my patreon page.

This is still up in the air but I thought I would let you all know now before I confirm the changes which may take effect next year.

These changes will under go a 3 month trial. If you and myself are not satisfied with this change I will return back to this format.


For about a year I have been doing a project to project method for patreon, I thought this would be a fair  idea as you guys will be getting the projects BEFORE payments are asked.

In the new year I'm planning on changing from a 'project to project' to a 'per month' set up.  Because of this change I'll now be required to keep you all up to date on a weekly basis to insure you all I am working on the desired projects. If I however do not do a satisfying amount of work with in that month I WILL NOT be charging you guys that month.

I want this to be as fair as possible.

Because of this big change I am most likely going to be treating patreon more like a subscription.


There will only 3 tier stages.

1. Early access

2. Behind the scenes content

3. Become a regular character in each project some how (Limited)

 Other features will be added to each tier but at this point this is the  

Tier prices will adjust accordingly. (for example t1= $1, t2= $3, t3 = $10...these Are not final but a rough guess).

The main reason for this change is I'm stepping up the quality within my work however the side effect to this is longer production time.

That is the main change. However I'm still in the progress of deciding if I should follow through with this idea or not. Thank you for your understanding.