Patreon Exclusive Comic "Game Night" pages 1-5 for Public View

 As some of you know, I was working on another story idea for a  publisher, whose company unfortunately didn’t follow through and the  relationship between them dried up. I’ve decided to resume Sea Legs as  my main work focus, and despite that, I do have the beginnings of what  is going to be another good story which I’ll post the first five pages here. For now, it remains as one of two Patreon exclusive comics for $12+ tiers.  

Game Night is a slice of life comic that revolves around 6 university students who make up a gaming club on campus. It focuses on budding romance, LGBT identity, and other social commentary such as climate change, family illness, and eating disorders. What was initially going to be an erotic short comic between two of the characters turned into something more. So far I have Chapter 1 scripted, and 9 pages drawn.

If you'd like to see the rest, consider pledging $12+! 


Edit: There's always this ONE page I keep forgetting to upload, so I have edited it with the changes. 

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