Patreon Content Leak
Hey y'all, it's been brought to my attention that nearly all of my patreon posts have been leaked onto a crappy website that steals patreon posts! I'm not sure how they do it, but if the leak is one of you lovely people, please don't do that!! Most of the content I post here is available for $2+ or $5+ a month, which is not a lot of money for y'all but it adds up a lot for me and makes it possible for me to MAKE the content I share with you!

If you see my patreon posts being hosted outside of Patreon, please bring them to my attention! And if you're the one posting my work outside of patreon, please stop! This is my livelihood! I post the vast majority of my work online for free, and one of the reasons I can do that is because of the small percentage of my work that is behind a paywall!

Thank you again to all of you lovely Patrons who contribute to this campaign, I really wouldn't be able to do what I do without y'all!