Patreon Creation
Welcome to the JTgatoring Patreon Page! At first, I will not be advertising this page much. It is only shown on the end-screens of videos, and at the very, very bottom of video descriptions (and only shown on a few videos at the moment). The ones who find this page and become a JTgatoring Patreon, are the true followers and viewers of JTgatoring, and the reason for its growth. Items that are offered in the tiered groups will come available near the end of the year, and are not set in stone yet and are liable to change without notice.  My main focus is to create content. I am learning as I set this up so please allow some time for me to understand this platform. Right now, I believe Patreons will be charged at the beginning of the month. If it does not allow you to sign up, please wait till the beginning of the next month to try again. Thank you so much to the ones reading this!