Patreon Creators I support #2: Expedition Happiness
Many of you may be aware of the Tiny Home movement: trying to make a home in 400 square feet or less (not that hard of a task for people who live in Paris :-).  But what if you made that home mobile, and used a filmmaker to shoot the whole thing, brought along a singer to give you a soundtrack, and added a cute dog?  That's Expedition Happiness.

Felix Starck and Selima Taibi are the dynamic duo behind this idea.  These Germans bought a 20 year-old school bus, completely renovated it and turned it into a tiny home, and then drove it up to Alaska and are in the process of driving south and seeing how far they can get.  Selima goes by Mogli in her professional life, and songs from their videos are available on Apple Music (among other places, I'm sure).

What you will see on their videos (many free on their youtube channel) is the determination and fearlessness of two people who truly have never done something like this before take on challenges and learn how to do things by diving right in after reading a lot on the internet :-).

Watch their videos.  I challenge you not to be inspired by their journey.  Even if roaming a continent in an RV isn't for you, you'll appreciate their insights and their determination to power through their challenges.

Visit their Patreon page and consider supporting them.  As with all creators on Patreon, you can give as little as $1/month.