Patreon Done My Way
After a great beginning with many long time readers turning up to support me, I think I'm settling into Patreon as my new digital home.  As you've probably noticed, everything on the site is free, and it's going to stay that way. I'm running this page on a "pay what you think it's worth" basis, and am much happier that way, so I can fling the doors open and welcome everyone. So, here's me, smashing the pay walls down.

Now, on to a massive update!

My focus is entirely on writing right now, and I'm eschewing anything that interferes with that. Sadly, that includes signed books and physical products like patches and custom T-Shirts for now. The Cafe Press store will still exist (you can find that here ), but for the most part, those non-writing pursuits didn't help me. It's a lot more important to me that I get chapters finished and ebooks in front of people who want them.

I'm also going to be much more forthcoming with how I'm doing overall in these update posts, and I'll be disclosing more about what I'm up to, so here goes!

Right now, I'm only spending a couple hours a week working on the Role Playing system. It's currently in revision 7 and I'm writing final, iron-clad rules that form the base of a gaming system that can be adapted to any time period, understood in minutes, and work for any number of people. Yes, that includes single player modules. An artist is working on fantasy content, Luke and Ray have both helped by being great sounding boards and sources of criticism. I don't have a firm time set for release.

Until the third week of June, I'll be releasing two chapters of Highshield a week here on the page. I've had a great time writing it so far, taking a day out a week to write a couple chapters in a fantasy setting is great for my brain, so I can see myself working on this book for as long as time permits or until it's finished, which may not be for years since this is a huge story. Parts of the book may be published in sections once enough has been printed here, and once final editing is complete. The EBook versions will have a glossary.

Spinward Fringe  Broadcast 11: Revenge is getting a restart. I have material for it right now, but I'm re-outlining so it's more of a complete story instead of another in-between novel or cliffhanger. No release date should be taken seriously at the moment, since I hope to have the book finished and out before summer or in very early summer. Every Spinward Fringe book has to measure up to and hopefully surpass the quality of the previous ones, otherwise I don't see the point of putting them out into the world. The good news in all this is that I'm having a lot of fun with the series right now, and consider it my full time job.

Dark Arts, Chaos Core, the Brightwill sequel and other projects that haven't emerged yet are on the back burner right now. I want to work on all these things, but I can't make promises since my writing schedule is already filled with great projects.

On a more personal note, I'm downsizing in more ways than one. A lot of stuff I haven't used and bought during much better financial times is getting posted to EBay, and I'm also working harder to drop some weight. You'll probably hear more about that in future podcasts.

When I think of what's happening on Patreon right now, I get excited. This is my opportunity to connect with you a little more, and to show everyone how long it really takes to write a novel. Highshield is a book I've wanted to write in one form or another for over twenty years now, but the time was never right. Epic fantasy takes unbelievable amounts of time and work to do right, and it's amazing that I can share this journey with you.

I'm grateful for everyone who has turned up on this page, the content here will only grow over time, and I ask that you keep your comments and questions coming in, that's the fuel that makes the Podcasts go.

Thank you again,