Patreon Feature Highlights
I wanted to call out some of the recent features that have been prioritized by my wonderful supporters!
  • The biggest one, of course, is that we now have a domain name! is alive and well, complete with SSL support and proper DNS forwarding (many thanks to DanielH for his help and patience).
  • You have the ability to mark authors, continuities or posts as favorites, and view them all in one place.
  • You can automatically replace all uses of a character with another, and both character and icon replacement now support filtering to specific posts.
  • There is an account option to make "only opened threads" the default display on the Unread page instead of "all unread threads".
  • Sorting on the Facecasts page is case insensitive, and the list can be sorted by Writer as well.
  • Many more tests have been written.
  • I have been writing glowfic more often, however low a bar that is. (This was an actual request and it quite delighted me.)

And on the list of requests still to come:

  • Adding a Site Updates / Patch Notes / similar page on the Constellation to display recent updates, since not all Constellation users use Alicorn's forum (the current location of release notes).
  • Using the Starry Light layout as the default layout instead of the current one, tentatively titled the Effulgence layout.
  • Sorting and filtering the Unread page by various options.
  • Viewing a thread's Started date as well as Last Updated in the UI.
  • Investigate a low-res version of the site, or other ways to have the site perform better with low speed / poor quality internet.
  • Let's be real, the testing thing is eternal.

Thanks again to all who donated; keep the requests coming :)

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